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Just You Episode 6 Recap

The next morning, Liang Liang drives Qi Yi to work. Even though she rides a bicycle everyday, she’s quite a crazy driver! When someone cut her off, she goes on a high speed chase just to get back at…

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Just You Episode 5 Recap

NOTE: Screencaps added!   Qi Yi is going to a meeting with the directors of the supermarket and takes Liang Liang with him. Poor Qi Yi, it’s because the directors especially asked for Liang Liang, so for now, she’s…

TW Dramas

Love Around Episodes 3-6 thoughts

I’m feeling rather disappointed that Love Around is not doing anything for me. I neither feel this elusive feeling of excitement nor anticipation whenever a new episode rolls around. I often wonder if it’s just me, since I have…

TW Dramas

Just You Episode 4 Recap

After the meeting, Liang Liang goes to Qi Yi’s office to try to convince him to withdraw the warning. But of course it falls on deaf ears. She leaves his office disappointed. Qi Yi: Cheng Liang Liang, you have…